Tue. May 11th, 2021

Quaden Bayles: is he 9 or 18?

Some Twitter users are questioning whether a dwarf who appeared in a now-viral video sobbing that he’s the 9-year-old victim of bullies is nothing but a teenage prankster, although other postings appear to back up his heartbreaking tale.

Quaden Bayles — who gained the sympathy of legions of supporters, including actor and fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman — is really 18 and “scammed everybody,” tweeted Jasmein Dowe on Friday, according to several Twitter users who reposted the accusation with some photos of an adult-looking Bayles from his Instagram page. Dowe’s Twitter account appeared to have been taken down later Friday.

But NBC TV’s “Today” show featured an uplifting piece about a clearly little-boy Bayles in June 2016 walking his dog Buddy and saying how the canine helps the dwarf cope with ridicule.

Bayles is missing his two front teeth in the photo, and the show said he was 5 years old at the time. Hugh Jackman supports bullied Australian boy Quaden Bayles:

The Australian TV show “Living Black” also did a report on Bayles’ struggles in April 2105 and featured video footage of him as a little boy at the time.

A Facebook page apparently belonging to one of Bayles’s relatives also shows she shared photos on it in 2012 of Bayles as a baby — and when asked how old he was at the time, Bayles’s mom wrote, “Lil man going on 15 months now bless him!”

But Dowe’s alleged tweet says Bayles “has plenty of money and yeah everyone fell for it.

“Now if I’m wrong please source your link and explain why to me,” she wrote, according to the screenshot. “He’s a Instagram celeb @quadosss and deleted captions pertaining to his 18th birthday post.”

Twitter user shanrrr reposted the tweet and added, “wtf is this? hes 18? and an actor?”

Bayles’s Instagram page includes some of the photos that were circulating questioning the him.

Twitter user Raymond Michael also posted other adult-looking photos of Bayles, writing, “I’m getting a vibe that maybe this kid is just a really good actor? I duno…..,” according to a supposed screenshot from his account, which was unable to be verified.

Site user @nicholasrocha94 reposted Michael’s alleged tweet and wrote, “I’ve got questions now.”

Quaden with his mom in a photo posted to her Facebook page in 2012.

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UPDATE: As of 2/21/20 5:02pm PT, the above Instagram post on his profile featuring the 18th bday photo has been deleted from his profile.

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