Tue. May 11th, 2021

#BernieKnew : How will this affect the Democrats’ campaign?

With time winding down until the 2020 election, things are beginning to heat up within the Democratic party: Buttigieg being questioned about his sexual preference and commitment to minorities; Bloomberg in a firestorm of an attack regarding his actions on redlining, stop & frisk, and NDA agreements; Warren taking heat for minority women bailing on her campaign after feeling like tokens; Biden being criticized for his age & allegations of scandals involving his son and Ukraine; Klobuchar trying to shake off previous claims of her bad treatment of staff and minimal experience; and now Bernie, like Biden, also criticized for his age, but more importantly his knowledge of Russian interference aiding his campaign.

There was a trending hashtag on Twitter, #BernieKnew , that aimed to frame Bernie as a candidate that was aware of Russian interference in favor of his campaign, and only came clean because a reporter mentioned the newly broken story by the Washington Post. Watch the snippet of the reporter’s interaction below:

This is another entry into the Democratic division saga that makes voters choose a side. However, Bernie’s supporters have flipped the #BernieKnew hashtag into the campaign’s favor, with tweets such as “#BernieKnew it was a bad idea to invade Iraq.” and “#BernieKnew Rich people didn’t need tax cuts.”

What are your thoughts on this controversy? How do you think this will affect the campaign considering he’s the front-runner? Leave your comments below!

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