Tue. May 11th, 2021

Indiana man checks account for stimulus payout, sees $8 million instead

An Indiana man was a millionaire, for a short while at least. Charles Calvin took $200 out of his checking account at an ATM in a convenience store in New Chicago and went to check the receipt to see if his $1,700 coronavirus stimulus relief check had been deposited into his account.

Calvin was shocked when he saw his balance was $8,200,000. He did a double-take and figured the ATM made a mistake, so he checked his balance again, and it had not changed.

He did not withdraw any of the money and went to his bank on Monday (April 13) to get it sorted out. The bank clerk told him the money was not in his account and suggested the $8 million balance was the result of a glitch with the ATM.

“It kind of sucks,” Calvin told WGN. “You go from being a millionaire one second then back to being broke again. But hey, once you’re poor, you don’t have anywhere else to go but up.”

While Calvin may not be a millionaire, he did receive the stimulus check.

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