Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

Watch: Justin Bieber’s awesome SNL performances of ‘Yummy’ and ‘Intentions’

It’s been seven long years since Justin Bieber performed on Saturday Night Live. He had a pompadour haircut back then and he handed roses to girls in the audience like a true teenage heartthrob. He made his highly-anticipated return to the show last night (February 8) and gave two thrilling performances that debuted his pompadour-like mustache. Ahead of the release of his return album, Changes, Bieber pulled out all the stops.

Bieber’s first performance was for “Yummy” which was built around the stage being shaped like a green box. Initially, he was joined on stage by three instrumentalists bringing a tender mood to the vibrant song. After the brief intro, backup dancers made their way to the stage, flanking him on both sides. They began to follow a hip-hop-influenced routine that Bieber couldn’t help but jump into, fluidly matching their movements and intensity while an enormous grin enveloped the bottom half of his face. It must have felt great to return to the show’s legendary stage with a show of this magnitude.

Later in the night, Bieber’s box-shaped stage turned into a living lyric box for “Intentions.” You read that right. As Bieber and his array of dancers flung around the dimly light stage, blue and pink neon lights would take the shape of words from the song, allowing fans to sing along if they hadn’t heard it yet (after all, the song did just release a day before the show). Quavo came out on stage halfway though, swapping out with the backup dancers. The rapper seemingly absorbed their collective energy and became a dance machine, advising Bieber, towards the end, of which way to move his body as the two performers swayed side-to-side. Following a brief period of prancing up and down like they were shaking a soda bottle, the pair hugged it out before heading off the stage.

Both “Yummy” and “Intentions” are set to appear on Bieber’s forthcoming album, Changes, that drops on Valentine’s Day.The LP will also feature “Get Me,” his collaboration with Kehlani. Bieber also released a remix of “Yummy” that features Summer Walker. The way that it’s named though, suggests that more than one rendition will be coming out.

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