Tue. May 11th, 2021

Lizzo has choice words for those speaking on her name

via Joe Price

Lizzo has no time for anyone speaking ill of her, which she made clear in a succinct message shared on Instagram. 

“If my name is in your mouth, so is my pussy, bitch,” she said on her Instagram Stories. “Enjoy the flavor.”

She didn’t directly mention who she is responding to, but the comments come shortly after celebrity personal trainer Jillian Michaels faced backlash for suggesting the media should not “celebrate” Lizzo’s body.

“Why are we celebrating her body?” Michaels asked in an interview on BuzzFeed News’ AM2DM morning show. “Why aren’t we celebrating her music? Cause it isn’t going to be awesome if she gets diabetes. I love her music. My kids love her music. But, there’s never a moment where I’m like, ‘And I’m so glad that she’s overweight.'” Michaels was met with backlash promptly, with Lizzo fans taking aim at her for what many perceived as fatphobia. 

The Biggest Loser mainstay later addressed the backlash to say “we are all beautiful, worthy, and equally deserving,” but she also feels that health concerns should be taken seriously.

Lizzo seemingly brushed off the comments on her Instagram, preaching self-love with a relaxing video showing the high-rise room in which she was staying. “At the 25 second mark I want you to take 5 deep breaths,” she wrote of the video. “In through the nose… Out through the mouth… Today’s mantra is: This is my life. I have done nothing wrong. I forgive myself for thinking I was wrong in the first place, I deserve to be happy.” 

via Joe Price, Complex

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